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“So What? Do-Over!” is a free publication dedicated to promoting a rich dialogue between entrepreneurs, startup founders, and staff members curious and willing to learn more about the intersection between technology and culture.

We share a passion for building a better tomorrow, for business strategy analysis and we choose building startups to manifest our labor of love.

A little about me

Lawyer by education, I started numerous businesses in Brazil (with different levels of success/failure) before moving to the U.S. and having a great corporate career in a global financial institution. I had many different leadership roles, my last one being a Supply Chain Director managing a global team of over 50 talented professionals.

After 15 years of Corporate America, however, I felt my perspective was narrowing, I could see my future and I was not excited about it. I could not go on doing more of the same. It was time for something new, new learnings, new fails, new connections, time to feed my curiosity, and so I resigned.

I have been researching technological inflection points and their first and second-order impact on business models, strategy, and risk mitigation.

Most of my time is dedicated to projects (for-profit and non-profit) that I believe will add value to peoples’ lives by making “things” better. The future is better in so many ways, we just need to imagine and make it happen.

I love connecting and collaborating, so feel free to drop me a note at alex@betterment.works.

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